Sunday, May 12, 2024, Yakaata Beach, Yokoshibahikari-Town, Chiba, Japan

Admission free: Donation required (¥1,000 per person is requested to help raise funds)

GROOVETUBE FES.’24, a free seaside festival  (¥1,000 per person is requested to help raise funds)at Yakata Beach in Yokoshibahikari-Town, Chiba , will be held on May 12 (Sun.).

This year’s festival will feature live performances by Sunny Day Service, Summer Eye, Sugar Plant, MEGA X, Strip Joint, and

DJs: Kenji Takimi, Gakuji “CHABE” Matsuda, SUGIURUMN, YODATARO

Painting by Takumi Ueda featuring ImmigrationsB, a new kind of musician!

Come to GROOVETUBE FES for a weekend of windy May, Kujukuri-hama sea breeze, and great music, no mistakes!

Since 2014, GROOVETUBE FES has been held at Yakata Beach in Yokoshibahikari Town, Chiba Prefecture, under the concept of “Love music with the sea in the background! Since 2014, GROOVETUBE FES has been held at Yakata Beach in Yokoshibahikari Town, Chiba Prefecture as a free admission (donation required Minimum 1,000 yen) music festival based on the concept of “music you love with the ocean as a backdrop. The reason for the free admission (by donation Minimum 1,000 yen) is to make music accessible to the public.

This year, for the first time in several years, a DJ stage will be set up. Both live and DJ artists will perform with a view of the ocean, and guests will be able to freely come and go between the ocean and the venue.

 This year will be the 9th time the festival has been held. (This is the 11th year, but we have had to cancel several times due to the Covid-19, etc.) We are planning to add a new DJ area so that more people can enjoy the music. The Pacific Ocean can be seen from the stage, and a large sandy beach spreads out beyond the floor, making it a wonderful location. The music will be played as the light changes from daytime to sunset.

There is also a wide variety of food and stores featuring local specialties. The venue of the festival is a green expanse of parkland facing the beach, where families can enjoy a day of relaxing fun. We hope that those who usually go to live concerts and festivals, as well as those who have never heard live music before, will enjoy the wonderful experience of swaying their bodies to the music while feeling the sea breeze under the sun.

The 2024 GROOVETUBEFES will be held on Sunday, May 12.

This year’s performers will be as follows


Sunny Day Service
Summer Eye
sugar plant
Strip Joint
A new kind of ImmigrationsB




Takumi Ueda

Supported by: Yokoshibahikari Town, Yokoshibahikari Town Chamber of Commerce, Yokoshibahikari Town Tourism and Community Development Association

For the purpose of environmental maintenance, a cleaning fee of 500 yen per car will be charged for those who use the temporary parking lot.

Organizer/ groovetube, a nonprofit organization   

URL/ https://www.groovetube.net/ Mail/ groovetubefes@gmail.com



From Matsuo Yokoshiba IC of Ken-O Expressway, via Hasunuma Seaside Park, about 15 km.


Via JR Yokoshiba Station

Get off at Yokoshiba Station on the JR Sobu Main Line. 

A microbus will transport visitors from the station to the venue.

If you need to take a local bus, take the JR Circular Yokoshiba Bus and get off at Yokoshiba Yakata Kaigan (10-minute walk).

Via Airport Terminal 2 Station on JR and Keisei Lines

Take the JR or Keisei Line to Airport Terminal 2 Station and get off at “Yokoshiba Yakata Kaigan” stop. (300 yen one way)

Take the airport shuttle bus bound for Yakata-kaigan from Airport Terminal 2. Get off at Yakata-kaigan bus stop.